Helpful Resources


Below are resources you may find helpful regarding disability rights, government benefits, and medical care and insurance. 


Maryland Department of Disabilities 

Maryland resources for individuals with disabilities, such as accessible  housing, employment, transitioning youth, community living, technology  assistance, barrier free living, and transportation. 

Social Security Administration 

Request a Social Security Card, apply for disability benefits online, or sign up for a mySocialSecurity account to manage your benefits online.

SSI for Your Child

SSI Child Disability Starter Kit, for basic information on the application and eligibility process for children with disabilities. 

SSA Benefits for Veterans

Learn more about the benefits disabled veterans can receive from the Social Security Administration.



Sign up or change Medicare plans, manage your health benefits, and find out what is covered by Medicare. 


Learn about eligibility requirements to apply for Medicaid and CHIP, and what medical care may be covered.

Maryland's Children's Health Program

Learn about eligibility requirements and how to apply for Maryland Children's Health Program (SCHIP).

Affordable Care Act Enrollment

Enroll in or update your Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plan. 

State Services & Benefits

Maryland Department on Aging

Learn about services offered to  Maryland seniors, such as long term care services, elder abuse prevention, and caregiver support.

Maryland Department of Human Resources

Learn about social service programs offered to Maryland residents, such as homeless services, "food stamps," Medicaid, and Temporary Cash Assistance for low income families.

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

Learn about programs and treatment available to Maryland residents with substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and behavioral health concerns. 

District of Columbia Office on Aging

Apply for and learn about services offered to disabled and elderly residents, such as government benefits, and caregiver support.

District of Columbia Department of Human Services

Apply for and learn about services offered to DC residents, such elder abuse prevention, homeless services, medical assistance, and interim disability assistance.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Learn about the laws and regulations under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), and what rights persons with disabilities have under the ADA.