What is a medical power of attorney?

Help protect yourself, your family and your loved ones by planning ahead. It is never too early to give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind. 

Advance Medical Directive & Medical Power of Attorney

No one wants to think about the possibility of being so ill or injured that she is unable to make healthcare decisions for herself. But when tragic accidents and illnesses arise, the only way to ensure that your quality of life is preserved and your loved ones are protected is by deciding now what medical treatment you want to receive, and who will carry out your wishes on your behalf. 

An Advance Medical Directive is a two-part document that only becomes effective when you are no longer capable of making medical decisions on your own behalf. Sometimes this document is known as a durable power of attorney for health care. The first portion, called a living will, details what sort of medical treatment you wish to receive in such situations, for example, if you are in a coma. The second part of the directive is a medical durable power of attorney, where you appoint someone to make medical decisions in accordance with the living will. Your medical power of attorney can be any person you wish, so long as s/he is legally competent to make decisions. 

By completing an Advance Medical Directive, you take control of your health and minimize the stress on your loved ones caused by such difficult times.

Financial Power of Attorney

Just as you need to plan for your medical care should you become incapacitated, you also should also designate a person to handle your finances.  By designating a Financial Power of Attorney, you can ensure that someone you trust is in control of your finances. 

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